IHI Group

IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) is a member of the IHI Group.  The IHI Group is a global organisation with approximately 27,000 employees consisting of the parent company IHI Corporation, and all its subsidiaries located in Japan and around the world. The IHI Group is made up of corporate divisions handling administrative affairs as well as business divisions that oversee operations in Japan and subsidiaries world-wide.

Founded in 1853 in Tokyo, Japan, IHI Corporation and its group manufacture many types of products including jet engines and turbines, heavy industrial equipment, ships, offshore facilities, power plants, environment protection plants, gas processing plants and more.  Each business division engages in everything from development to sales, design, procurement, manufacturing, and support services.

IHI Group provides solutions to meet today’s global environmental, industrial and energy related challenges through engineering expertise with a focus on excellence in technology, customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility.


Corporate Brand: “Realize your dreams”

We want to realize the dreams of the world. This is why we want to contribute on a global level by fully understanding the needs of customers and people. Therefore our work focuses on capturing the essence of technology and manufacturing skills to deliver products that are of true value. We feel it is our duty to support our global community by being the first to connect it to the most advanced solutions in technology.Our dream is to be entrusted with turning the world’s aspirations into a reality. Realize your dreams


IHI Group’s Legacy

Through IHI Group’s core engineering work and community service, IHI is determined to make a positive impact on a world scale and leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

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