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IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) was established in September, 1971 as a 100% subsidiary of IHI Corporation of Japan to primarily execute the onshore portion of the Oceania projects that were awarded to IHI. Since that, we have evolved into progressive engineering solutions for Power Generation, Industrial Machinery, Infrastructure, and so on. 

IEA is also very involved in the maintenance work for the facilities we have delivered in the past, as well as maintenance of units built by other company. The maintenance of coal fired power generation boiler and related facilities as well as LM6000 gas turbines power generation system has grown into one of the main fields of work that IEA is currently involved in. It is the intent of the IEA’s Management to gain stable growth of the company through those operations and to explore IHI Group’s state of the art technology in Oceania.

IEA are actively involved in the developement of new low and zero carbon technologies such as hydrogen/ammonia and solar coupled with hydrogen/ammonia. We envisage large opportunities in Oceania for such new technologies that help transition not only power systems but also transport over to these new technologies.

IHI Group’s management principal are “Contribute the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”. Our corporate message of “Realize your dreams” epitomizes the mission we embarked on more than 160 years ago since IHI was established to leverage our technology and human resources to help humankind’s greatest come true.

For people and planet, we realize your dreams.

Managing Director


Managing Director

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