Coal Fired Boiler Support

IHI offer extensive aftersales support services to ensure a long term reliable operation of our Customer’s plant.  We have a global support network with dedicated and highly experienced team members who play a key role in various aspects of safe and reliable operation and maintenance.  We often work closely with Customer from maintenance planning stage to final execution stage to ensure Customer’s expectations are met and timely delivery of work.


Outage and Maintenance Services

1. Major/Minor Outage Work: IHI’s outstanding maintenance teams provide proactive input to Customer’s asset management activities in the planning stage and our experienced project managers execute the fieldwork ensuring zero-harm, delivery on time, and within the agreed budget.  In NSW Australia, IHI have demonstrated capability to undertake major outages and emergency repairs in parallel at more than one site during over 20 years of experiences.  We have existing relationships with labour providers throughout NSW and will leverage these existing relationships to maximise the quality and locally sourced workers to enable us to perform the work on time and on budget

2. Spare Parts Management/Supply: As the OEM parts supplier, IHI can assist in optimizing Customer’s spare parts inventory which leads to effective outage planning

3. Repair Work/Modification Work: High quality and attention to details of repair work ensures safe return of plant and improvements through modification work can also be offered as the boiler OEM

4. Laboratory Test/CFD Simulation: IHI offer various testing and simulation models such as metallurgy tests for sample tube analysis, CFD simulation, and 3D model analysis on stress and flexibility.  Combined with OEM know-how, IHI can perform root cause analysis based on individual circumstances and provide articulate advise to Customer of possible hidden areas of damages or issues  

5. Inspection Work: Combined with OEM knowledge IHI offer various types of inspection of actual plant conditions and reflect the results into the next outage planning

6. Remote Monitoring Service: IHI’s online remote monitoring & diagnostic systems allow for detection and/or prediction of issues and damages and are also ideal for residual life monitoring of pressure parts

7. Total Consultation Service: Teams of experienced engineers will provide long term engineering support both remotely and onsite

8. O&M Training: IHI also offer customer orientated lecture/ training courses for operators so they gain crucial technical knowledge and skills to maintain their plant






Boiler Upgrades

Refurbishment and Replacement

Through our wide ranging capabilities accross the power sector, IHI offers a variety of services to improve boiler plant operation from maintaining or replacing existing parts to upgrading combustion systems, modifying control systems, or upgrading pressure parts with new materials.

Flexible Operation

Changing market conditions with increased renewable penetration has led to boiler owners seeking flexible operation. To address this IHI offers a  wide range burner modification which allows for lower output conditions without the requirement to burn oil to maintain flame stability.

Emissions Reduction

NOx emissions are always a concern for coal fired boiler owners and IHI offers low NOx burner modifications to reduce the NOx content released through the stack. Additionally to this we also offer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to further minimise NOx emissions.


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Remote Monitoring and After Sales Support

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

IHI offers:

1.    Daily Real Time Operation Monitoring

2.    Operation Data Analysis & Diagnostics

3.    Abnomality Detection & Notification

4.    Monthly Reporting and Discussion

Technical Support/Engineering Support

IHI offers:

1.   Optimisation of Operation & Maintenance Activities

2.   OEM Technical Advisory Services

3.   Emergency Engineering Response Services

4.   Global Support Network

Spare Parts Supply

IHI offers:

5.  OEM Parts Manufacturer

6.  Spare Parts Management Advisory Services Based On Current Power Station Condition

7.   Extensive Spare Network 








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