Gas Turbine Support

IHI Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) offers a full life cycle service that characterises the business’ cradle-to-grave philosophy. IEA is proud of our contribution to industry in the region and especially to the power, mining and manufacturing sectors. We provide remote monitoring, maintenance, and other services throughout product lifecycles. IHI Maintenance Support building from Revenue Sharing Program and 56 year GT collaboration with GE Aero, and major maintenance services are offered by the IHI Mizuho Works, which is the only GE Level 4 (highest level) authorised maintenance facility in the Asia-Pacific region.

Reliable maintenance support resourced by IHI group

- LM6000 O&M advantages 
- Local GT Support and spare parts through the IHI Perth Service Centre
- Backed by IHI Power Systems GT maintenance expertise and depots at Kure and Mizuho
- Lease engine and local critical spare parts holdings to maximize availability



IHI offers complete Hot Section Repair (HSR) and major overhaul services for LM6000 customers in Australia-Oceania. IEA/IHI has supplied and installed 16 LM6000 gas turbine generating sets in Australia since 1996. To support both IHI customers and other operators of LM6000 gas turbines, IEA operates a Perth Service Centre (PSC) focused on providing maintenance and technical support within Australia-Oceania. 

- Remote monitoring service
- Maintenance tooling (such as HSR Tool and Dolly)
- Service representatives from Perth
- Technical advice backed up by IHI Japan
- Outage planning and execution
- Lease Engine
- Periodical examination (HSR, MOH, and BSI)
- Mapping

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Engineering Support

IEA has been providing Engineering Support Service to customers in Australia since 2011. Our established support work is not only troubleshooting but also providing wide range of support.

IEA is capable of providing this support for not only IHI package users. Our aim of engineering Support is to support our customers to continuously operate their plant in a safe and stable condition. 

- Preventive Maintenance (Caution for parameters in need of watch)
- Consultation for Improvement
- Provide and Share new technical information 
- Remote Monitoring
- Control System Maintenance
- Safety Share
- Trouble Shooting

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Spare Parts

Building on IHI’s revenue sharing partner programme for the LM series gas turbine, IHI offers a complete range of spare parts, including Emergency spare parts, and tooling for LM2500 and LM6000 users in Oceania. Vast Spare Parts Holdings through the Mizuho Works and Global Service Centre Network, which can be dispatched to site within days of customer request.

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Spare Parts


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