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Gas Compressor

Compressors are a crucial utility for plants. IHI has variable type of compressors. For our customers, IHI offers energy-efficient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly compressors.


Gas Compressor 1



Industrial Boiler

Medium and small scale boilers, commonly referred to as industrial boilers. These industrial boilers are used in various industries for the purpose of factory process as well as private power generation.


Industrial Boiler



Turbo Chargers

IHI supplies a wide range of turbochargers including small ones for automobile engines and large ones for land and marine power generators. We have produced over 50 million turbochargers so far for automobiles. We have development, production, and sales




Material Handling

IHI has remained as a technology leader in this field for a century. We accommodate needs ranging from under one metric ton to thousands of metric tons. Our offer extends from bulk handling systems, such as port unloaders, jib and overhead travelling cranes for various industries. We leverage advanced technologies in manufacturing through maintenance and modifications. We are Japan’s leading manufacturer of materials handling system installed on bulk carrier deck cranes, as well as a top supplier of jib climbing cranes for skyscraper and dam construction.



IHI manufactures, supplies and installs high performance X-ray inspection devices from large to small for a variety of purposes from customs inspection at ports, harbours and airports to quality assurance in production lines, such as in the food and beverage industry. 

IEA is pleased to offer the IHI line of X-ray equipment to our customers in Australia-Oceania including complete aftersales support for the life of our products. IHI’s X-ray machines are operating in factories, airports and ports around the world and are currently providing reliable and economic inspection services to the food and beverage industry in the region.

Please refer to our PDF catalogues below for IHI’s complete line-up of X-ray inspection products. TGK below is a fully owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation.


X Ray

·         IHI Inspection and Instrumentation Co (IIC)—IXI 300 Series Cargo Inspection Machines

·         Takashima Giken (TGK)—TGX Series Machines for production quality assurance

·         IHI X-ray products can be custom-built, designed and manufactured specifically to customers’ requirements.


We also provide efficient and local technical support through the IEA Sydney office fully backed by technical support teams at IHI IIC and TGK to ensure any issues are resolved promptly and to our customers’ satisfaction.



Car Parking

Since installing Japan’s first tower parking system in 1962, IHI has drawn on its experience, reliability, and proprietary technology to perfect these products. We are going forward to introduce parking systems with smaller environmental footprint as well as other new-style parking systems. We continue to provide optimal parking solutions in the years ahead.


Steel Mill

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