Since developing our first aero gas turbine engine in 1945, IHI has been a major global OEM for gas turbine design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services. Springing from our long relationship with GE Aero (Cincinnati, USA) beginning in 1956, IHI has developed engines for both aeronautical and land-based power generation independently and in collaboration with other gas turbine OEMs. Examples of commercial aircraft engines where IHI designed parts can be found include the CF6 (powering the Boeing 747 and Airbus A330) all the way up to the next generation V2500 and GENX engines (powering the Airbus 320 and 787 Dreamliner).

IHI Engineering Australia in collaboration with IHI Japan can offer a full turnkey Enginering Procurement and Construction solution for the LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbine fleet. To through this collaboration IHI has successfully delivered 16 LM6000 units in Australia to date.



Gas Engine 2

AG/AGS Series

Niigata has been providing environment friendly stationary gas engines as well utilizing state of the art technology developed and learnt from diesel engine experiences.
The gas engines are contributing to stable power supply with world top class performance of low emission, high efficiency and saving time for loading up to full power together with quick and firm back up services.


AHX Diesel Engines

Niigata has been originally developing many types of diesel engines since Japan’s first industrial diesel engine developed in 1919. The AHX series have been developed with state of the art technology based on the long seller HX series medium speed diesel engines. Utilizing the huge feedback data of HX series engines, significant improvements of fuel consumption ratio, total efficiency and emission control are achieved responding world requirements of environmental protection. Niigata stationary diesel engines are reliable and well reputed as they are working in a tough condition such as isolated island power stations, frequent load fluctuated factories in manufacturing companies and etc. all over the world.

Diesel AHX

HLX Diesel Engines

Niigata is proud to introduce the 28HLX medium speed high performance diesel engine series. With a bore & stroke of 280×400mm, at 720 or 750 rpm, this model packs a maximum continuous rating of 375 kWm per cylinder at standard reference conditions. Fuel consumption rate is improved to very competitive low levels and this model is designed to efficiently burn low grade bunker fuel of up to 700 cSt at 50degC


Turbo Chargers

IHI supplies a wide range of turbochargers including small ones for automobile engines and large ones for land and marine power generators. We have produced over 50 million turbochargers so far for automobiles. We have development, production, and sales bases worldwide including in the U.S., Europe, Thailand, China, and Korea and are growing our business worldwide.





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