Gas Turbines

Gas Turbine

Since developing our first aero gas turbine engine in 1945, IHI has been a major global OEM for gas turbine design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services. Springing from our long relationship with GE Aero (Cincinnati, USA) beginning in 1956, IHI has developed engines for both aeronautical and land-based power generation independently and in collaboration with other gas turbine OEMs. Examples of commercial aircraft engines where IHI designed parts can be found include the CF6 (powering the Boeing 747 and Airbus A330) all the way up to the next generation V2500 and GENX engines (powering the Airbus 320 and 787 Dreamliner).

IHI Engineering Australia in collaboration with IHI Japan can offer a full turnkey Engineering Procurement and Construction solution for the LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbine fleet. It is through this collaboration IHI has successfully delivered 16 LM6000 units in Australia to date.

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